Project Partners

The Aegis Trust – is an international non-governmental organization working to prevent genocide. The Aegis Trust has offices in the UK, US, and Rwanda and works to promote research, remembrance, and learning about acts of genocide to create community resilience against the risk of genocide in the future. Aegis also offers support to the survivors of genocide to help individuals and communities rebuild their lives. Finally, Aegis is actively engaged in evidence-based campaigns to prevent genocide in areas that are under risk, and works closely with policy makers who can respond.

Visit the Aegis Trust website for more information

Genocide Archive Rwanda – Established by the Aegis Trust in association with Rwanda’s National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG), the Genocide Archive Rwanda is intended to be a unified repository where all information relating to the 1994 genocide can be found. The archive contains original audio-visual, documentary and photographic materials along with testimonies shared by both survivors and perpetrators of the genocide. Its research programmes continue to trace materials from the genocide period, to map and gather information at sites of the genocide, and to record fresh survivor testimony.

Visit the Genocide Archive Rwanda website for more information