Research Objectives

Direct electrochemical conversion of coal to electricity offers very significant increases in efficiency with consequent reductions in CO2 emissions. Based on paper estimates this could easily double electrical conversion efficiency.  The technology also offers easier sequestration of CO2 as the raw exhaust is undiluted with nitrogen. Here we seek to apply the upcoming direct carbon fuel technologies to coal conversion.  We will develop direct coal fuel cell technology, evaluate performance, propose optimised stack configurations, investigate coal sources and bring together these findings to allow a prototype system to be proposed for Demonstration studies.

Our recent laboratory tests have shown that Direct Carbon Fuel Cells (DCFC) can exceed commercial MCFC performance levels. Here we seek to apply this DCFC technology to coal conversion. The proposed work addresses durability and efficiency of the direct electrochemical conversion system and seeks to find new catalysts capable of withstanding the aggressive conditions. The suitability of different coals and processing methodologies will be evaluated. Best operating conditions will be considered. A short stack will be demonstrated and evaluated.

Recent Publications