Flexible Funding Call (Closed)

MISE is an EPSRC funded Networking Centre in partnership between four UK universities: St Andrews, Edinburgh, Bath and Birmingham. The core research programme will address topics relating to optimisation of interface structures, morphologies and compositions to enhance performance, longevity and value.

Applications are open to all academic staff at UK universities (eligible to receive EPSRC funding), and associated research institutions, in the area of interfaces and surfaces for energy applications. MISE plan to support up to six projects, with a total of £185k available (at 80% FEC) to partners outside of the core MISE groupings. All flexible funding projects should be completed at the very latest by 31st December 2019 and must involve collaboration with one or more of the core partners from MISE, with at least one supported in each of the four sub themes.

Each proposal must show added value to the network, building on existing capabilities, engaging with the hub and creating new opportunities. Proposals should be pump priming and/or enabling, with the potential to lead to further research funding. Please note that conditions of funding include accepting the standard terms of conditions already applied to the EPSRC funded Advanced Materials Network: MISE and to provide a summary report within 3 months of project completion.

Proposals should set out:
The novelty of the science to be undertaken.
The nature of the proposed engagement with MISE core partners.
The methodology to be followed.
The pathways to impact.
The budget requested, together with a justification.

Proposals will be of no more than 2 sides of A4 in length and should be sent to Candice Mitchell ([email protected]) by 5 pm, 15 December 2017. Applications will be assessed by the Management Group and Advisory Board, with the expectation that decisions will be made on funding by 15 January 2018 so that projects can start between 1st March and 30th September 2018.

We welcome applications on hydrogen generation and this call runs in parallel with the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research Hub, H2FC Supergen funding call

Core MISE Members Contact info:
Materials Engineering
Prof Jon Binner [email protected]
Prof Tim Button [email protected]
Physics of Soft Solids
Prof Wilson Poon [email protected]
Dr Paul Clegg [email protected]
Dr Job Thijssen [email protected]
Prof Stephen Parker [email protected]
Solid State Chemistry
Prof John T S Irvine [email protected]
Dr Cristian Savaniu [email protected]
Dr Paul Connor [email protected]

Flexible Funding Flyer