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Postgraduate course catalogue - 2020-2021

The University is currently planning teaching provision for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Curricular information may be subject to change.

Illustrative of current session; indicative, but not definitive for future sessions.

Please refer to the postgraduate programme requirements before selecting modules using PDF files below or search for modules using the online module catalogue.

The postgraduate senate regulations give details of regulations governing all postgraduate degrees.

The University strives for excellence in all its professional services to students and staff.  As part of our digital transformation programme we have automated some of the key processes supporting the provision of curriculuar information on our website.  If you have suggestions about how we might make the information or functionality offered on this page more user-friendly please e-mail

The following section contains PDF files showing all postgraduate modules running in 2020-2021 by School.  The online module catalogue is also available.

You can also access module descriptor information from within the Advising System by double clicking on any module title.

School Modules Programme Requirements Summary
Art History  Art History - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 314 KB)  Art History Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 116 KB)
Biology  Biology - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 558 KB)  Biology Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 111 KB)
Chemistry  Chemistry - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 468 KB)  Chemistry Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 95 KB)
Classics  Classics - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 422 KB)  Classics Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 133 KB)
Computer Science  Computer Science - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 521 KB)  Computer Science Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 154 KB)
Divinity  Divinity - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 469 KB)  Divinity Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 157 KB)
Earth & Environmental Sciences  Earth and Environmntal Sciences - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 351 KB)  Earth and Environmental Sciences Programme Requirements (PDF, 97 KB)
Economics & Finance  Economics and Finance - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 335 KB)  Economics and Finance Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 101 KB)
English  English - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 452 KB)  English Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 122 KB)
Geography & Sustainable Development  Geography and Sustainable Development - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 196 KB)  Geography and Sustainable Development Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 92 KB)
History  History - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 946 KB)  History Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 138 KB)
International Education Institute  International Education Institute - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 380 KB)  PDF to follow
International Relations  International Relations - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 559 KB)  International Relations Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 115 KB)
Management  Management - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 503 KB)  Management Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 124 KB)
Mathematics & Statistics  Mathematics and Statistics - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 399 KB)  Mathematics and Statistics Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 106 KB)
Medicine  Medicine - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 160 KB)  Medicine Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 92 KB)Management - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 503 KB)
Modern Languages  Modern Languages - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 825 KB)  Modern Languages Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 121 KB)
Music Music - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 128 KB)  Music Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 93 KB)
Philosophical, Anthropological & Film Studies  Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 352 KB)  Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies Programme Requirements (PDF, 150 KB)
Physics & Astronomy  Physics and Astronomy - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 630 KB)  Physics and Astronomy Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 112 KB)
Psychology & Neuroscience  Psychology and Neuroscience - Postgraduate Modules (PDF, 509 KB)  Psychology and Neuroscience Postgraduate Programme Requirements (PDF, 115 KB)











Jonathan Smith
Curriculum Officer, Registry
+44 (0)1334 462351

Curriculum development statement

The University will use all reasonable measures to deliver courses of study as they are outlined at the time of offer. However, as a research intensive institution, the University ensures that its teaching is based on and references the research and related interests of its staff, which may change from time to time.

We are also mindful of the best use of our resources to ensure the highest quality experience for our students. As a result, programmes and modules are regularly reviewed with the aim of enhancing students' learning experience.

Any changes are made with due consideration to minimising impact, safeguarding academic standards and assuring quality, and are described at: